South Sound Designs

Custom designed, hand crafted mirrors.
Inspired by nature, created just for you.

I have had a lifelong passion for nature and design. Coming from a family of avid boaters, we spent most of our summers on, and enjoying the beauty of, Puget Sound.  I grew to love the colors and textures of nature, and developed a deep appreciation of light and it’s affect. The water that was calm and blue in the morning could turn dark and gray in a matter of minutes. The greens and browns of the surrounding trees and plants could be warm and inviting in the daytime, and then dark and ominous at night.  Something viewed at sunrise looked quite different in the middle of the day.

My love of the dynamic beauty of nature has had a strong influence on my approach to design. I believe that our homes should pay tribute to, and reflect the personalities of, the people who live there. Color, individual taste and style should, of course, always be considered when creating any design.  But I believe that in order for something to be a truly dynamic piece of art the textures, available light and reflective quality of the materials used must play a key role.  

That philosophy drove the design of the mirror that hangs in our home, the South Sound mirror.  Using the original as inspiration, I began experimenting with other tile and stone combinations and created a variety of unique designs tailored to reflect the personality and homes of each of our clients. They can be used in any room of your home or office.    If you see something that you’d like for your home we can recreate one for you.  The colors, size and frame width of each design can also be modified.  A glass mosaic from one mirror can be modified or used in another’s layout.  Or if you don’t’ see exactly what you are looking for we can work together to design a truly original piece of art that compliments your unique style and decor.  Just as in nature, the possibilities are virtually limitless. 

Joni Graves
Owner, Designer